Totem (Detail)

Vanessa McKay

Hand built earthenware sculpture and thrown domestic ware.

Port Jackson Coast II

Grant Simpson

Realism as reverence for nature.

Night Lights

Julian Godfery

Whimsical detail and texture.

Ducks in the Patio

Susan Dunster

Weaves vibrant colours and shapes.

Hilltop House

Sharen Watson

Process-based abstraction.

Turn of the Tide

Sue Jamieson

Seascapes and marine themes.

Fish Out of Water

Wendy Walls

Rich colour and texture.


Verena Tagmann

Exploring new directions and mediums.

Fishers in the Mist

Lynne Robinson

Exploring printmaking techniques.

Ports of Call II

Mardi O'Shea

Eclectic impressionism and abstraction.

Chosen Moments

Paula McNeill

Colour, expressionism and cubism.

In the Shallows

Liz Hart

Classical impressions of light and nature.

Moody Skies

Lisa Ormsby

Nature as an inspiration.


Linda Bigge

Interplay of land, sea and sky.

Morning Glow

Kay De Blaauw

Impressionism using texture and colour.


Kate Jones Madill

Abstract expressionism in series.

Rays @ Play

Kate Hill

Discovery and re-connection.


Jude Elliot

Inspired by raw, wild natural environment.

Flax and Wild Carrot, Cooks Beach (Original Painting)

Jane Galloway

Inspired by the beautiful surroundings of Raglan.

Rice Bowls 10/10

Joanne Mahoney

Still life and shoreline watercolours.

Figure I

Ian Webster

Hand built work using slab and coil.

Nature at its Best

Heather Watt

Experimental collage and mixed media.

Guitar Man

Gary Nevin

Funky work in clay and paint.

Walking Away

Dhyana Muir

Expressing spiritual energy through paint and colour.


Christine Kornman

Collage and materiality.

Porohita (Brown)

Bernie Ross

Flax and fibre.

Heart to Heart

Rebecca Kornman

Surrealist abstraction in oils.

Urban Harbour 3/5

Sally Samins

Vibrant, dimensional mixed media.

Tui Under Punga Canopy

Paul Herbert

Stylized representations of native wildlife.

Summer Reflections

Julie Whyman

Colour and form found in nature.

Willing the Woo

Colleen Waite

Design and colour.

Blue Depths

Tina Carey

Bold gesture and colour.

Hummingbird Diner

Kirsty Black

Communicating visual thought.

Sterling Silver and NZ Jade Link Bracelet (Large)

Raymond Stokes

A lifelong interest in making jewellery.

Black Woodfired Vessel

Suzanne Sturrock

Pasifika inspired ceramic design.

Olaf and the Lads

Paul Heffernan

Whimsical ceramic characters.

Nude by the Sea

Pam Plummer

Figures, relationships and environment.

Abundance (Floral Tributes)

Lyndy Wilson

Quirky characters and impressionism.

Gold Cone Pearl Drop Earrings

Alison Blain

Timeless, sophisticated handcrafted jewellery.

Ecstasy in Copper Raku Bowl

Neil Hey

Form and function.

Woven in Light - Small Round Dish

Jo Tricker

Handcrafted functional and decorative glass ware.


Jo Pervan

Smooth simple lines.

Silver Triangle Drop Earrings

Meg Auth

Wearable art jewellery and small metal objects.

Colours of Courage

Alicia Beech

Vibrant, clashing, effervescent colour.

Ocean Outlook

Kirsty Nixon

Viewing native flora and fauna.

Turangawaewae Bracelet

Nga Waiata

Jewellery made from sustainably mined crystals and recycled native wood.

Eternity - Kumara Whalebone Pendant

Ian Thorne

Carving and sculpting stone, bone, shell and horn.

Silver Punched Ring

Ella Vi Pairman

Jewellery handcrafted from recycled materials.

Tuatara (Small)

Heather Tapu

Pottery artist and sculptor.

White Waters

Wolf Zeitgeist

Unique outdoor sculpture.

Mini Concrete Orbs (Assorted)

Gary Brooks

Experimenting with concrete.


Mark Collinson

Painter and sculptor of Oamaru stone.

Beach Print with Boat

Helena Blair

Vibrancy of oil and gouache.

Blue Platter

Ludek Adamek

Iron, steel, glass and colourful metals.

Old Cray Pot

Michael Smither

Iconic representations of his life and environment.