A mixed media artist from Waikato

Bernadette Ross

Flax and fibre.

Bernie Kirkham

Arcylic and mixed media artist

Brenda Brickland

Acrylic landscape artist

Bruce Rule

Contemporary Pop Artist

Christian Nicholson

NZ Contemporary Artist

Clinton Christian

Contemporary Kiwi icons.

Christina McGrath

Acrylic Artist

CJ Milburn

Polynesian Abstract Artist

Debra Brock

The beauty of the Coromandel landscape.

Di Armstrong

Acrylic Abstract Artist

Dianna Smith

Acrylic and Oil Artist

Dylan Keys

Photorealistic Charcoal Artist

Eloise May

An landscape oil artist

Alofa umo Poutai by Fatu Fau'u - Framed Print 25/30

Fatu Fau'u

A multi-media artist, leader and mentor.

Mini Concrete Orbs (Assorted)

Gary Brooks

Experimenting with concrete.

Gary Nevin

Funky work in clay and paint.

Gillie and Marc

International Sculptors

The late Grant Simpson

Landscape oil artist

Hayley Hamilton

Illustrator, Visual Storyteller and Painter

Heather Leonard

Contemporary Acrylic Artist

Heather Watt

Experimental collage and mixed media.

Helen Keen

Encaustic wax, mixed media, acrylic and oil Artist

Eternity - Kumara Whalebone Pendant

Ian Thorne

Carving and sculpting stone, bone, shell and horn.

Blue Torso

Ian Webster

Hand built work using slab and coil.

Jackie Hobbins

Specialises in oil paintings

Jade Barclay

Mixed Media Artist and Illustrator

James Atutahi

Contemporary Maori Art Carver

Jan Kocian

Captivated by glass.

Jane Galloway

Inspired by the beautiful surroundings of Raglan.

Jasmine Keir

Copper Artist

Jay Lowe

A contemporary NZ Artist

Jean McCann

Explores nature through colour and light

Jennifer Panther

An acrylic artist from Tairua

Jessie Macaw

Mixed media artist from Tairua

Jo Gallagher

Distinctive characters and realism.

Jo Richards Hooker

Smooth simple lines.

Joanne Mahoney

Still life and shoreline watercolours.

Jody Hope Gibbons

Pushing the boundaries of paint.

John Wilson

A British-born artist painting in oils and 3D

Julian Godfery

Whimsical detail and texture.

Kotare Five by Julie Whyman

Julie Whyman

Colour and form found in nature.

Kate Hill

Discovery and re-connection.

Kate Horn

Contemporary Acrylic Artist

Kay De Blaauw

Impressionism using texture and colour.

Kirsty Black

Kirsty Black

Communicating visual thought.

Kristin Hyde

A mixed media and resin artist

The Last Feather (Huia)

Kylie Fleur

Meditation Artist

Lena McKillop

A fantasy surrealist artist

Lesley Campbell

Colourful mixed media creations coated in resin to shine

Lisa Grennell

Specialising in silkscreen printing and painting on perspex

Lisa Ormsby

Lisa Ormsby

Nature as an inspiration.

Liz Hart

Classical impressions of light and nature.

Lulu Buchanan

Ceramic Artist

Lyndon Stokes

Lyndon Stokes

Oil paintings reflecting Lyndon's passion for the ocean and water

Lyndy Wilson

Quirky characters and impressionism.

Lynne Robinson

Exploring printmaking techniques.

3 Lovely Ladies by Mandy Olson

Mandy Olson

Fun Clay Figurines

Potted by Mardi O'Shea

Mardi O'Shea

Eclectic impressionism and abstraction.

Matt Payne

Acrylic Artist

Michael Harrison

Alcohol Ink and Mixed Media Artist from Tairua

2 Rock Pools by Michael Duncan Smither

Michael Duncan Smither CNZM

Iconic representations of his life and environment.

Michelle McIver

Semi-abstract Artist and Printmaker

Nancy Tschetner

Sustainable sand based wall art artist

Amazing Technicolour Bowl

Neil Hey

Form and function.

Paddy Bourke

Ceramic Artist

Pam Wildbore

Acrylic and resin contemporary artist

Gorgeous Genevieve

Paul Heffernan (Mr Heff)

Whimsical ceramic characters.

Paula McNeill

Colour, expressionism and cubism.

Penny Stotter


Raku Kiwis Assorted Colours

Rhonda Webb

Clay Artist

Sam Mathers

A mixed media artist

Sarah Spence

Copper weaving artist

Sarah Gordon

Acrylic Painter

Sassy Maz Glass

Glass Candelabra Maker

Sharon Duymel

Portrait and landscape artist using oils

Simon Lewis Wards

Ceramic and Cast Glass Sculptor

Sea & Salt by Souzie Speerstra

Souzie Speerstra

Contemporary NZ Artist

Sue Foster

An acrylic artist

Dinghy Parking Tairua - SOLD

Sue Preston

Etching and dry point engraving.

One Green Jug

Susan Dunster

Weaves vibrant colours and shapes.

Susan Vorster

An acrylic Artist


Shona MacDonald

Fabric Sculptor

Island View Whangamata

Shirley Cresswell

Acrylic photo realism painter - originals and prints

Stephen Hodgson's Woodwork

Stephen Hodson

A local Woodturner

Tina Carey

Bold gesture and colour.

Tony Ogle

Celebrating the New Zealand Coastline

Tracey Finch

An acrylic Artist based in Tauranga


Val Enger

An acrylic and mixed media artist

Verena Tagmann

Exploring new directions and mediums.

Sunrise over Poihipi by Vicki Morris

Vicki Morris

An acrylic artist whose work is contemporary and colourful.

Wendy Walls

Rich colour and texture.