Lisa Ormsby

Earths  Glow

Lisa Ormsby is an established artist based in Otorohanga, a small rural town in the Waikato King Country.

Lisa specialises in acrylic and mixed media striving for a balance between evolving her work while maintaining her own sense of style and uniqueness, she uses nature as a reference point and inspiration to produce her art pieces. Her goal is always to live in the moment and her ability and skill combine to take her consciousness away from the normality of everyday life, this is balanced with the vulnerability that one feels when their soul is on display for all to see.
Lisa's art is an opportunity to see the natural world through her eyes, where the beauty of the rock out shines the diamond.

She shares a passion for art with her 4 children and also enjoys networking with fellow artists.

Lisa has exhibited in group exhibitions and art events throughout New Zealand since 1998.