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Visit The Little Gallery, where discerning art enthusiasts can enjoy and purchase artworks by leading award-winning Coromandel and New Zealand artists.

This diverse, intimate gallery prides itself on offering 'a little of the best'. A passion for people, artists and the visual arts in all forms is realised through the Little Gallery, which supports and promotes artists from the Coromandel and around New Zealand, making the gallery a cultural rendezvous for visitors as well as a place of pride within the village.

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Art Chat

What Inspires our New Zealand Landscape Artists?

At The Little Gallery, we are proud to represent many talented Coromandel and New Zealand artists who take their inspiration from our beautiful country. We take a closer look at some of the work by a few of our popular landscape artists here!

Angela Murray: Creative Thinking in Life and Business

On Wednesday evening we had the pleasure of hosting life and creative thinking coach Angela Murray at our Auckland gallery, for her first solo exhibition and talk: How Creative Thinking is guaranteed to help you succeed in life and biz.

In Conversation with Dhyana Muir

We had a chat with our wonderful artist Dhyana Muir to learn more about her work and art practice!

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