Mardi O'Shea

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Mardi O'Shea is a professional homeopath and tutor. After moving to Whangamata, Coromandel in 2009, she was driven to revive an old interest in painting after attending an art class with Kate Jones-Madill.

"I've been a keen collector of original art for some years and get huge enjoyment from the paintings on my walls. As a child I had spent my days filling scrap books with drawings, but had only dabbled in art as a teenager, so picked up a paintbrush with some trepidation after so many years!"

Since then Mardi has developed an eclectic oeuvre, exploring painting through figurative, landscape and abstract lenses in loosely impressionistic styles. With a natural attraction for bold colours and textures, Mardi's paintings possess an assertive and passionate energy.

"Flower paintings are a personal favourite. I enjoy the shift from perfection to the overblown, 'blousy' petal dropping stage, and the way colours can be thrown together to form a pleasing mix."

"Whether people are drawn to my paintings for their colours, or are inspired by deeper consideration of the more impressionist work, my aim is to provide years of viewing pleasure."

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