Paula McNeill

"A New Day'

Paula's art has to have ongoing meaning for her. Not conforming to obvious imagery, she is more concerned with the work’s emotional and spiritual context, 'speaking the truth - sending the message'.

Paula is known and respected for her work with colour, expressionism and her approach to cubism. Working in all mediums, she surprises the viewer with the diverse use of subject matter, colour and approach to modernism. An award winning artist of some distinction, Paula allows the viewer to enjoy their  'journey'  through the many aspects of her work, delighting in the direction in which it takes them. Her preferred artists are from the European, Polish and Russian schools, which she visits and studies on a regular basis.

Paula's compelling rendition of Paku Mountain was chosen as the cover image for Coromandel lifestyle magazine, PakuViews. The bold and striking abstract patterns seems to dominate at first, but then the image almost pulls itself together in a stunning reveal. Looking closely one sees the images of Paku, Slipper Island, Pauanui Beach and Pauanui Mountain... as seen from Paula’s home and studio on Pumpkin Hill. Her working studio near Tairua, offers a fresh, lively environment surrounded by 'seascape' and 'landscape' making for an inspiring environment.

Trained in sign-writing, illustration, display and marketing, Paula studied painting and associated art forms over a period of years in Wellington(dip), Auckland, Hamilton,Palmerston North, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Europe.

Paula's works have won numerous awards which include 1st placing in the New Zealand Lion Brewery Art Awards three times, first in MAA. Awards, MBAE Michael Smither Selected Artist Award and the Waikato Display Artist Award.

She has had numerous group and individual shows over her 40 year career, with works in major collections here in New Zealand and internationally.

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