• 14 August 2017
  • Sarah Holden

We asked a few of our artists what they thought about The Little Gallery. Here's how they responded! 


"It is with great pleasure that I can endorse The Little Gallery as a great asset for Tairua and the surrounding district.

The gallery has become a main focus, a place of pride, 'the place' to take friends and visitors to what is now known and loved for its representation of many of Coromandel’s foremost arts people. 

This Little Gallery now attracts visitors from all around the world. Its reputation has spread as a ‘must stop and visit’ destination, where visitors can browse, enjoy and chat to local artists who work in the gallery - adding charm and character to the gallery.

The Little Gallery has become the cultural centre for the area, where management has concentrated on attracting visitors by specializing in events (combining with different charities) that further enhance its appeal and dedication to the arts, which is very much appreciated by the community.

It is also noted that Real Estate agents bring their clients to view the gallery as an attraction to purchase and live in the area - a very nice compliment which is greatly appreciated."

- Paula McNeill

"I have been involved with The Little Gallery in its various formats for at least 15 years as an artist, part-time Tairua resident, and volunteer.

I have watched the gallery’s reputation expand over the years and especially since Sarah Holden has developed her business model which is a perfect fit for the Tairua region.

Located adjacent to the Manaia café, the Gallery has become a key destination for locals, tourists and travellers up through the Coromandel, and this of course has a spin off benefit for other businesses in the town.  When some recent American Visitors showed me the itinerary which has been professionally prepared for them in the US, I was delighted to see that the Little Gallery featured as a Must-Do.

Sarah is always planning ahead for new ways of integrating the gallery with the community, as well as stimulating attention from art lovers and visitors.  Over the years she has run themed exhibitions around the children’s art from the local school, the work of the kiwi rescue programme at Whenuakite and other conservation groups, as well as drawing in art critics from Auckland to make their selections from current work. Sarah also often arranges special talks and demonstrations from artists and all these initiatives make the Gallery a very user friendly space.

For such a small gallery the reaction from visitors is 100% positive and they often express astonishment at the range of work on show. The gallery staff are artists themselves, very knowledgeable regarding the work on show, always friendly and keen to advise and help visitors."

- Kate Hill

"The Little Gallery in Tairua, a lovely wee gem of a gallery is a destination in itself. It represents a good range of artists of varying styles, many of whom are from the Coromandel area -  some of these artists take turns to man this small but charming space. In addition to art advice they have a wealth of local knowledge which they are happy to share with the many national and international tourists who visit. Regular events and workshops are also a feature, attracting out-of-towners and locals alike. The Little Gallery is definitely a valuable resource for the Coromandel."

- Kirsty Black

"The Little Gallery in Tairua is one of my favourite places in the Coromandel. I so appreciate the availability of divine works of art from such a huge range of Coromandel artists, jewellers and book authors from our area. It is always fresh and exciting, yet offers an intimate up close insight into an artists world. The fantastic up to date social media and website of The little Gallery is assisting the tourism of Tairua, by bringing more people from the bigger cities our way."

- Dhyana Muir

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