Kirsty Black

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Kirsty Black spent much of her life growing up around the world. As a visual thinker it was natural for Kirsty to express herself from a young age through her love of colour, pattern and repetition which developed into a fascination with abstraction.This tendency, in conjunction with the stimulation from a peripatetic life, forms the basis of her work.

"I am interested in the process of communicating visual thought, and am fascinated with the way intangible ideas, emotions and memories can be conveyed through the choice of colours, shape, repetition and composition.  A fascinating aspect of the process is observing the viewer’s response to the work and understanding what meaning or memories they extract from these pieces. For this reason I like abstract art for its ability to elicit an emotional response, allowing viewers to reflect on their life and experiences

In my current series “Metamorphosis’ bold, striking colours, elemental forms and gestural lines are brought together to capture ‘a moment of change’ – either emotional or physical."

Kirsty has participated in group exhibitions around New Zealand as well as solo exhibitions at Gallery O (formerly part of the The Arts Centre, Christchurch). She has sold her art in New Zealand and internationally including Australia, America, France and England, and has completed a number of commissions.