Picks of the Week: 35km Road Trip highlights

  • 22 April 2018
  • Sarah Holden

With 35 new works in each gallery for our exhibition '35km Road Trip', we couldn't just choose one piece of art this week! 

We were overwhelmed by the variety and standard of work our artists contributed for the new exhibition, as were our visitors and clients. From the gorgeous new range of ceramic plaques by Judy Elliot, to the vibrant, dynamic new abstract paintings by Kirsty Black including 'Market Day', there was something for everyone to enjoy and experience. 

Paula McNeill's standout new feature 'Chosen Moments' received many positive comments; it's delicate metallic gold accents complementing the washed pastel tones dominating the piece. 'Tui Under Punga Canopy', one of Paul Herbert's new paintings lured many in to view with its intricate stylized detailing, attesting to Paul's technical skill in design. 

We also loved to see the direction Kate Hill's work is taking in her new print, 'Rays @ Play' - of which she said, 'I love the way stingrays stack up down through the water like flying shadows in the depths, or aircraft waiting for their landing slots. I've enjoyed developing their shapes and patterns to create this work.'

Other favourites included the dramatic 'Urban Harbour' by Sally Samins, the innovative Matai carving 'Kea' by Tony Howse, the richly layered textural piece 'Lillies on Show' by Wendy Walls, and the sweet still life 'Hydrangeas I' by Joanne Mahoney. 


Don't miss out on seeing a huge range of fantastic new work by our local Coromandel and New Zealand artists - visit our galleries in Tairua and Whangamata today!


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