They rode side by side for the long run

A fabulous bronze sculpture by world renowned sculptors Gillie and Marc ...

For Rabbitwoman and Dogman, the Vespa is their vehicle of choice. Not only do they look stylish but they are also much more economical and environmentally friendly, a very big concern for the two eco-warriors. As Rabbitwoman leads the way, Dogman sits back in the sidecar and relaxes with a coffee, watching the sights flash by as they weave their way through the streets, dodging cars and avoiding the buildup of traffic associated with life in a big city. This miniature is a beautiful replica of the famous public sculpture that has been seen all around the world.

9.4 x 8.7 x 6.3 inch (H*L*W) 6.6 lbs
24 x 22 x 16 cm (H*L*W) 3 kgs

Bronze with Red Patina

Edition Number
/100 there are only 100 of these fabulous sculptures produced so you are purchasing a limited edition.

Artwork Features
Gillie and Marc love working in bronze for many reasons. Bronze is a very hardy material and will last forever. As experts in coloring bronze, Gillie and Marc enjoy experimenting with their sculptures, adding a splash of color to brighten the work, making it even more unique.  

For every purchase of a bronze sculpture you will receive a certificate of authenticity, titled, signed, dated and editioned by the artists.


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NZD 2350


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