SOLD - The Road

A strong contemporary original artwork, large in scale, creating impact.  The use of color, texture and symbols is thoughtful and bold.

Created using lots of texture and mixed media, this contemporary original painting has a strong sense of symbolism reacting to the current climate change issues facing our country.

Created by Jay Lowe, a local Pauanui Artist, Jay has studied at the renowed Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design where they encourage you to be brave and think deeply, so you can join the next generation of thinkers, doers, creatives, artists, design innovators, technologists, therapists, and leaders.

The artist has captured symbols and signs from travelling 'The Road' and identified that we are controlled by these signs which influence our experience of the journey to our destination. "Images and marks on the road we take for granted but they rule our lives."

104cm x 100cm

Mixed media on canvas

NZD 3200

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NZD 3200


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