The Doggies held a Meeting

A stitched woodblock print by Kate Hill ... So very cute and it comes with a poem ... see below.

Framed with a white matt and plain black frame.

43 x 55cm

NZD 495


THE DOGGIES HELD A MEETING      (by that famous poet ANON)


The doggies held a meeting

They came from far and wide

And some they came by taxi

And some they hitched a ride


They walked into the City Hall

They didn’t even look

Each doggy hung his bottom

Upon the nearest hook


They all walked in and all sat down

Each Mother, Son and Sire

And things were going nicely

Till someone shouted FIRE!


The dogs jumped up and rushed right out

Again they didn’t look

Just grabbed the nearest bottom

from off the nearest hook


And this is why your doggy

Will often leave his bone

To sniff another’s bottom

To see if it’s his own.