SOLD - Commissions available - Tane Mahuta - Porohita

A beautifully woven Porohita (circle) in natural rusty colors by Bernie Ross

"The nostalgia I experience when weaving porohita is heartfelt.  I have fond memories of my weaving tutor Bibbins Tangitu who has since passed.  She was a humorous, strong, compassionate, incredibly modest and a Master Weaver.  She would have abjorred being called that!

There is much sill required to weave in circles, there aren't a lot of weavers who can do this.  I was privileged to have been in Bibbins classes for three years where she shared so freely, the skill to make them with her trainees.  Every time I pick up a piece of flax to start the porohita, she is next to me.


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