Snifters Box by Simon Lewis Wards

Limited edition screenprinted Snifters Box by Simon Lewis Wards - each print is completely unique.

Artists statement about this iconic screenprint ...

Because everyone was either a Snifters or a Jaffas person right? We're shining a light on the flawless designs that helped make these movie theatre favourites so iconic.

For this limited edition of 120 prints we've blown up the original 1980s boxes; each one fine art screen printed, die cut, and then aged by hand back at the studio before being signed, numbered & framed. Each print is completely unique, just like you'd find one in your pocket after the movies. You can almost hear the lollies rattling around the box before being rolled down the centre aisle.

Dimensions 680 x 880 x 47mm. Edition is signed, numbered, framed & ready to hang.

Please note there will be no reprints once the edition of 120 is sold out, and a smaller version will not be released.

NZD 2950

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NZD 2950


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