SOLD - Mummys Girl White Wonderland

"When I grow up I want to be a mummy, just like my mum!" I often wonder if little girls still say this today?

This artwork began as a drawing which I exposed onto a silk screen. I could then print onto perspex, achieving the floated shadow effect. For me, the shadow and it's movement is key; it represents 'Life' as it is in a constant state of flux, dependent on light.

900H x 600W Floated in a black frame. Not only does light cast shadows, it creates a sparkling array of projected colour as it hits the holographic glittered shoes, emblem and hair ties.

The photo certainly doesn't do this piece justice.

Ltd edition of only 10 with white sparkly shoes. each piece is unique to each other due to the hand painted element.

NZD 2200.00

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NZD 2400