The Workshops of Peter Griffen

  • 9 November 2014
  • Sarah Holden

This is an AMAZING opportunity for you to learn from one of Australia’s eminent and award winning artists. Many of the Artist members of Mercury Bay Art Escape have attended previous courses and have benefited hugely from Peter’s teachings and several have enrolled for their second or third course during this next visit.

So – if you want to extend yourself artistically – and have a lot of fun doing so give Paula a call  07 864 8821 or email for further information and to book a place.

The 2 workshop options are:

18/19 November
at the Tairua Rugby Rooms Manaia Road, Tairua 9.45am – 4.30pm
Fees $100.00 per day
Workshop….Drawn ‘Elements’…’staged’ and worked through to completion of major work. Placement and understanding movement of colour and it’s ‘properties’.

Bring reference ‘matter’ ie. sketches,  photographs, pics from books etc.that appeal, ideas you may be working on, material for collage (can be anything at all). There will also be ‘staged’ ideas for you to work from, sketch in preparation for your work on day two which Peter will discuss and work through with you on Day one..
The importance of the drawn line, directional movement within the abstraction (if so desired) will be discussed at length, to build confidence and awareness of something ‘new and discovered’.
An exciting workshop and a busy one. Utilizing pens, charcoal, graphite, pastels, crayons, gesso, acrylics with high gloss medium and the like will be used both for carefully made marks and for ‘scribbling’ depending on the mood.

‘Doodling’ will be encouraged and working in the realms of pure abstraction, participants may move into representation or vice versa. Image making will be at the border of intuition and conscious thought, relying on both.

Supports to bring - Cartridge paper for drawing, suggest for Day two – canvas, sealed cardboard (gesso), board, canvas panels, or your own preference.
What to bring -plastic cover for table, your lunch..(tea, coffee, hot chocolate – milk will be provided) plus the above-mentioned materials and supports
This is a great start to the week, it will open up the artistic ‘channels’ and ‘set the mood’!

20/21 November….Thursday/Friday
20 November. Venue: Hikuai Hall. (opp. turn-off to Pauanui) Commencing 10.00am
21 November. Venue: Rugby Rooms, Manaia Road. Tairua.
Fees..$100.00 per day..(this includes model fees).
Workshop – Faces and Figures – free form responses to the human form will be encouraged.

Day one and two…MORNING
Working from the model in the hall, many preparatory works will be made. Allowing you time, understanding, discovery and appreciation of your subject. Inventive drawing approaches using various media (pencils, pastels, charcoal, acrylics, inks etc – bring your own) – will be encouraged.
NB…..10.00 am to 12.00pm
This will be a two-hour session re.. drawing the model

Peter will demonstrate his approach to the subject you the confidence ‘to go forth and explore’..

Please bring several supports (ie ..cartridge paper, brown paper, newspaper etc).
Materials - Please bring plastic cover for tables. Plus the above mentioned materials.
Day one and two.. AFTERNOON.
Working from your sketches – select support and medium, which can be canvas, board, archival paper or whatever is your preference.
You will now continue to ‘build’ on the knowledge and emotion gained from experiencing i.e.. sketching the models.
Day One -The Human Form
Day Two – Female Face and torso.
Peter will once again demonstrate his ‘exciting’ approach to the
subject.. encouraging you to enjoy the experience, paint and feel free!! Imagination will be the essence and achieving a likeness will not be that important..
Using painting, collaging and more drawing on each day, working from your preparatory studies and developing, creating imaginative responses to the subject.
Anatomical accuracy will not be an issue. Participants will experience a situation that will allow for free thinking and unlimited experimentation.
Another important segment to the programme.. to build confidence, skill and ‘free-thinking’..What to bring: your lunch.. (coffee-tea-hot chocolate will be provided) – plus the above-mentioned materials.
If you are interested get in touch with Paula McNeill…. But don’t leave it too long because the few available spaces will fill fast!
Paula’s phone number  07 864 48821
Email: don
Please share this with your networks and anyone you think may be interested.


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