Picks of the Week: 'Woven in Light' Glass Wares by Jo Tricker

  • 19 August 2018
  • Sarah Holden

Our picks this week are glass artist Jo Tricker's stunning handcrafted glass wares in her 'Woven in Light' series!

'Grans Blue' Platter by Jo Tricker

The dishes and platters of the 'Woven in Light' series are composed of beautiful striated patterns in a variety of colours, arranged with the effect of looking 'woven'. The multitude of layers and divisions look absolutely stunning in light, casting shadows and showing off the intensities of the colours in their most flattering view. A master of her craft, Jo creates fused and flamed glass pieces which use only pure, laminate-free art glass colours, ensuring the colours will stand the test of time. 

'Woven in Light' Monochrome Platter by Jo Tricker

"The 'Woven in Light' series is inspired by my grandmother's weaving. I grew up in Auckland and my granny lived on Frederick Street in Hillsborough - a street which runs along the cliff above Hillsborough Bay (funnily enough, the next bay around is called "Grannys Bay”)! My gran had a very large floor loom that she made blankets, throws, wall hangings, table mats and all sorts on - and I have very fond memories of watching her feet on the pedals and the weft and warp dancing with the shuttle - the end result being evenly woven works of art! As a little girl I thought it was all pretty magical! Her loom was based in a large shed in her garden - which was also a work of art with pathways that wound their way down towards the cliff. All of my extended family have items woven by Gran and they are very treasured pieces."

'Woven in Light' Small Round Dish by Jo Tricker

Jo's glass works have the advantage of being a beautiful functional piece as well as a unique, one-off work of art - fantastic for when you are limited for space (see our previous blog on making the most of smaller spaces here)! Photos don't quite do these pieces justice - to fully appreciate the 'Woven in Light' series, do pop in and see them in our galleries today! 

Interested in enquiring about Jo Tricker's work? Contact us here! 


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