Pick of the Week: With Eyes of My Heart I and II by Christine Korman

  • 1 November 2018
  • Sarah Holden

Christine Korman dropped off these lovely paintings for our recent ‘I See' Exhibition which opened during Labour Weekend. 

This clever series by Christine are fantastic on their own as stunning stand alone pieces or can be hung together with the smaller of the two works sitting on the right.  The flow of water connects the two works and is highlighted by the high gloss resin to make the water look like glass. 

The resin isn't the only texture within the work as Christine is an expert in mix media and using fabric to give the landscape a three dimensional effect.  The roughness of the rocks, the breaking of the waves and the atmosphere of the horizon are all accentuated by the different elements that Christine uses in the work.  Including a variety of textures also reflects what our landscape is truly like, the rough with the smooth, and the work evokes the memory of many viewers as they recall what it’s like to feel the rocks under their feet or to have the light reflected off the ocean into their eyes.  This triggers a number of our other senses including the sound of waves, the smell of the sea and the feel of the rocks.  Christine therefore has created a full sensory experience in this work through the use of collage techniques.

The rich colours will compliment any setting as well as giving the work depth with it’s dark tones.  The lines Christine uses draws your eye across the works and allows you to read the scene and look out across the ocean.

Both these works are hanging in our Whangamata gallery, however we have not set them side by side.  One of the lovely ladies in the gallery would be happy to take them down for you and show them to you as a diptych.

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