Pick of the Week: 'Port Jackson Coast II' by Grant Simpson

  • 20 May 2018
  • Sarah Holden

This week our pick is Grant Simpson's 'Port Jackson Coast II', brand new to our Whangamata gallery!

Installing 'Port Jackson Coast II' at our Whangamata gallery

Known for his captivating hyper-realist style, Grant Simpson has developed a reputation for portraying quintessential Coromandel coastal scenes in often unusual or unexpected compositions. Attributing his love for the natural landscape to a childhood frequenting beaches around Auckland and the Coromandel with his family, Grant seeks to draw out similar affinities of awe and appreciation for nature through his paintings. 

Grant paints exclusively in oils and each of his paintings can take several months from conception to completion, building the composition over many layers. The rich, high-intensity colour of oil paints enhances his realist style - emulating the vivid colours found in the environment, while its viscosity allows for a build-up of texture. On closer observation we can appreciate the freckled stones, smoothed over time by the sand and sea, the rough, dimensional bark of the pohutukawa tree, as well as the delicate brush-like flowers. The glossy finish of 'Port Jackson Coast II' gives the work the extra wow-factor, allowing it to command a well-lit space. 


Bright and uplifting, Grant captures a snapshot of the highlight of a classic Kiwi Summer: a day enjoyed by the seaside. We see 'Port Jackson Coast II' possessing the ability to evoke a fond memory, the bowing pohutukawa brach snaking its way across the composition from our periphery. Grant's meticulous attention to detail along with his preference in working with ambitious scales marry to create stunning pieces enjoyed by all.

While we may not be able to enjoy our stunning Coromandel beaches as much over the cooler months, Grant offers the next best view with his breathtaking rendering. Bring a little slice of paradise into your home with 'Port Jackson Coast II'!

Interested in enquiring about Grant Simpson's work? Contact us here! 


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