Pick of the Week: 'Lost and Found' by Verena Tagmann

  • 8 July 2018
  • Sarah Holden

A treasure trove of mixed media delights, Verena Tagmann's 'Lost and Found' is this week's 'Pick of the Week'! 

Defining a new standard for 'mixed media', Verena's intimate work immediately attracts us with its bright, popping colours and heavily textured, three-dimensional surface. Embedded with unexpected found objects and materials including netting, notebook scraps and even a piece of a key, 'Lost and Found' true to its name evokes the sense of jumbled array of a lost and found box or garage sale. 

The confidence in Verena's bold palette comes from her unrestrained, experimental approach to working with colour. Without looking to an end point or finished aesthetic, Verena lets the paint do the talking! Taking cues from the shapes and colours of the found objects she uses, forms are echoed and repeated throughout the surface of the work. We get a real sense of enjoyment from the artist in the building up of layers, thickly applied with a playful attitude. 


A specialist in colour-mixing, the combinations of clashing and contrasting tones in her work gives Verena's paintings their distinctive quality. Accented by splatters and trails of jet black, a energy of exuberance simmers in the unruly, colourful composition. 

Dynamic enough to hold its own in a space, but compact enough as to not overwhelm the viewer, 'Lost and Found' is sure to provide a burst of vibrant energy to a quiet room. See it now at our Tairua gallery! 

Interested in enquiring about Verena Tagmann's work? Contact us here! 

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