Pick of the Week: 'Her' by Lyndy Wilson

  • 29 July 2018
  • Sarah Holden

Lyndy Wilson's portrait beauty 'Her' is this week's Pick of the Week! A fresh departure from the variety of landscape and abstract paintings we've seen from Lyndy in recent months, 'Her' is a mysterious yet assertive new presence in our Tairua gallery. 

Oozing with romance and atmosphere, 'Her' portrays mysterious, unnamed woman who dominates the composition. We are confronted with her direct, unreadable gaze, while the rest of her body dissolves into the background. With defined, doe-like blue eyes, flawless pale skin and full red lips, she is the epitome of beauty. Adorned with a red rose tucked behind her ear, we see her as the embodiment of love and passion - perhaps a modern interpretation of Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and desire in Roman mythology. And at over a metre wide, she is commanding and captivating in just her sheer scale. 


The mood of 'Her' is further enhanced by Lyndy's distinctive romantic painterly style - blousy, carefree brushstrokes paired with a colour palette reminiscent of a sunset - pale golds, candyfloss blush pinks and shades of sky blue. There's a compelling urgency sensed in her gestures - still-wet paint drips down the surface, giving a palpable texture to the piece. Concerned more with the emotions conveyed than finesse in execution, Lyndy succeeds in creating a striking alternative portrait in this work. 

She's someone who is sure to bring some passionate, dreamy energy to a space. See 'Her' at our Tairua gallery now!  

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