Pick of the Week: 'Foreshore Movement II' by Kate Jones Madill

  • 15 April 2018
  • Sarah Holden

This week our pick is 'Foreshore Movement II' by Kate Jones Madill! Kate is an established artist originally from Tauranga, and now lives in Whangamata, Coromandel. With a reputation as a leading New Zealand abstract expressionist painter, Kate is continually experimenting with ways to channel and portray her perceptions and experiences of her environment. 


Kate with her paintings, Foreshore Movement I (far left), Coastal Treasure (centre) and Foreshore Movement II (far right)


In 'Foreshore Movment II' Kate effortlessly captures the rugged, tumultuous energy of the foreshore, presenting a painting that manages to be simultaneously dramatic and at ease. We see the coast on perhaps an overcast or stormy day; a white misty filter partially obscuring our view of the horizon. Kate responds to the temporal nature of the foreshore, depicting her sensory interpretation of the rhythm of the tide.


Foreshore Movement II


Known for her characteristic rich, layered mixed media style, Kate achieves a compelling depth in her paintings that continues to engage and excite the viewer through the discovery of unexpected, innovative textures and materials. Her use of collage and mixed media works to emulate a casual walk along the beach, and the delight of finding beautiful natural objects embedded in the sand.




Keeping to a relatively monochromatic palette with warm ochres, rusts, golds and burnt coffee, 'Foreshore Movement II' demonstrates how even a pared-back selection of colours can still create a striking visual impact. With her use of spray paints and airbrushing Kate achieves a misty effect, imbuing the work with a sepia-tinged haze akin to the tonal qualities of black and white analogue photography. We get a subtle sense of nostalgia, and sympathise with the traces of Kate's memory and fondness for the foreshore. Kate's love for warm, earthy tones makes 'Foreshore Movement II' a beautiful neutral piece, with the potential to really complement a room without making it feel overcrowded.




As a large-scale statement painting, we think 'Foreshore Movement II' would make for a stunning feature when you want something with drama and impact but is also enduring and can bring warmth to a space. See it in our Whangamata gallery now!

Interested in enquiring about 'Foreshore Movement II'? Contact us here. 


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