New Artist - Jasmine Keir

  • 19 June 2022
  • Faye Saunders

It's always exciting to welcome a new artist to our team and Jasmine creates exciting work that is proving very popular!

Originally from Canterbury, Jasmine now lives in the far north of New Zealand where she creates up a storm using copper as one of her main mediums.

Her Zen Squares have taken off from the instant they arrived in our galleries and are fantastic as a gift idea or when purchased in groups, they create their own unique work of art!

Jasmine's 22-year career as a full-time artist in a variety of mediums has enabled her to participate in art events and exhibit in galleries throughout New Zealand. Her current 6-year love has been with copper which she processes using a vast variety of ingredients to produce bold natural hues, the magpie in her collects all manner of objects to embellish her works offering a completely unique art piece each time. 

Jasmine delivers contemporary art pieces with a raw industrial finish, with a contemporary finish often set off with delicate embellishments to highlight our earths precious and near forgotten ‘gifts’.

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