Mercury Bay Art Escape Artist in Residence: Carole Shepheard

  • 17 February 2016
  • Sarah Holden

Last year Dr Carole Shepheard was the guest speaker at the opening of the Mercury Bay Art Escape – this year she is going to be one of the artists you can visit on the tour!

Carole will be the Artist in Resident for The Little Gallery for the first weekend of the Mercury Bay Art Escape (5/6 March) and she will be bringing a collection of her works with her for display and sale in The Little Gallery. These works will comprise a variety of media, including paintings, prints, jewellery and sculptures, which demonstrate the versatility and techniques of this nationally renowned artist.   The core of her work revolves around the re-interpretation of historical, domestic and cultural objects and a return to her first love, printmaking. As a Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts at Auckland University, Carole is expertly qualified to discuss the various techniques and processes involved, in ways that both collectors and budding artists will appreciate.

Visitors to The Little Gallery can meet her, talk with her about her life as an artist, her artistic process and the techniques she uses. Find out the meaning behind her multi-media art and listen to the story behind her work, which is held in national and international collections. She has exhibited widely, undertaken several public commissions and has work in significant public art collections and her insights are not to be missed.

Carole has an ONZM for her contribution to the visual arts and is an artist, educator and writer. Carole now lives in Kawhia where she enjoys being part of a small community. Last year, she spoke passionately about the advantages of living in a small community as opposed to a big city and the supportive networks available to collectively assist artists. Carole places particular value on the work being done by artists in places outside large cities where she believes new energy is found and ideas are expressed in individual and challenging ways.

Visitors can also view works by other artists shown in our gallery with the open studios in the Mercury Bay Art Escape self drive tour.


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