Introducing 'Pick of the Week!'

  • 30 March 2018
  • Sarah Holden

We're excited to introduce a new weekly blog, 'Pick of the Week.' Each week we will share a new artwork and discuss what we think makes it unique!

This week we're bringing Julie Whyman's 'Summer Reflections' to the spotlight. One of Julie's newest paintings, we were thrilled to receive this in our Tairua gallery. A standout statement piece at over 1.5m wide, 'Summer Reflections' instantly lifted the mood of the gallery with its gorgeous bright jewel tones: crisp azure blues, bright marigold yellows and magenta to really make the painting pop!



We see it as a contemporary take on the principles of Impressionism: as the Impressionists chose to portray light in its ever-shifting qualities, Julie captures an atmospheric, fleeting moment in time - with an attention to feeling and sensory perception over realistic representation.

Her exaggerated use of a colour palette inspired by nature is what often characterises much of Julie's work, and is what gives 'Summer Reflections' its vivid, rich intensity. But the details are where you can really appreciate Julie's fluency with the acrylic medium - with more of an ink or dye-like appearance, Julie effortlessly blends her tones creating a washed, watercolour effect.




We adore the fine white lines framing the little orbs of colour, imbuing them with a humming, energetic charge and guiding the viewer's eye across the horizon.

The beauty of 'Summer Reflections' lies in its ambiguity: we could see it as an abstraction of a sunset over the ocean, or the effect of raindrops falling into water - or even as simple as an unrestrained, joyful experiment with colour! However you read Julie's painting, we don't doubt that you would enjoy the warm, summery whimsical energy experienced from seeing it in the flesh.

If you're looking for a feature piece with the 'wow' factor to bring some colourful energy to your home, 'Summer Reflections' is the painting for you! See it now in our Tairua gallery.

Interested in enquiring about 'Summer Reflections'? Contact us here.


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