Coromandel Artists Support Kiwis with Silent Charity Art Auction

  • 8 July 2016
  • Sarah Holden

The Little Gallery is hosting a silent art auction between 9-22 July 2016 at their gallery in Tairua, featuring donated original works of art from local Coromandel artists. Proceeds from the action will be given directly to the Whenuakitie Kiwi Care Group, a local charity who work to protect the Coromandel brown kiwi and brown kiwi habitat on the Coromandel Peninsula.

Visitors to The Little Gallery during the two-week silent auction in July have the opportunity to bid on over 30 different artworks donated by famous local artists including Michael Smither, Paula McNeill, Liz Hart, Ian Thorne and Sally Samins. Each piece of art will be on display at the gallery until the evening of the 22 July, where they will be transported to the Tairua Hall Annex.

The reception, which commences at 5pm, is catered for by The Little Gallery who warmly extend an open invitation to all interested parties to attend. Local artists will be present to meet with and art which has not received a silent bid or met the reserve will be auctioned off on the night. Art sold during the silent auction process will be distributed during the evening to the highest bidders.

The Whenuakitie Kiwi Care Group was the chosen charity for this event because of the exceptional work they do in helping to preserve our National bird and its habitat for future local generations. As a charity, the work they do is often unrecognised and consequently they receive limited financial contributions. It is the hope of The Little Gallery and contributing artists that the proceeds from this silent auction greatly assist them in their aim to protect our Coromandel brown kiwis.

Further information is available directly from The Little Gallery owner, Sarah Holden, who is organising this event.

Sarah Holden | 027 386 1181 or 07 864 7204


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