Artist Demonstration Evening Review II

  • 22 March 2017
  • Sarah Holden

On Thusday 16 March, we enjoyed another evening of artists’ demonstrations - this time we watched three distinctively different styles of art develop with Jo Dalgety, Kirsty Black and Keron Smith.

Jo Dalgety created a number of small postcard sized works using water colour pencils. She used the pencils to give the landscapes an outline of the work that she wanted to create, using a photo of Hikuai as inspiration. Once the shading was completed, she then used a soft brush to cover the work in a thin layer of water and transformed the work into an atmospheric watercolour. Once it had dried, she then went back to add layers of depth. She commented that it is case of trial and error as you don’t know if you have the colour right or what will happen if you add too much water, making the process exciting and engaging. It also makes it difficult to walk away until you create something you’re happy with.

Kirsty really enjoyed the process and loved working in an interactive setting. She uses acrylic paint with strong colours to make a statement and had prepared her canvas with some navy and turquoise foundation colours. She then went in creating shapes and looking at how they build upon each other, in juxtaposition from each other, to create movement and depth.  She then let attendees have a go, saying that you can’t muck it up and giving people free reign to have a go. Then Kirsty came back to the work to give it more structure. It was free and fun and a great chance to play with colours and brushes.

Keron had also prepared her canvas with different collage elements and set herself up to use paint to add depth and bring out the elements that she wanted to highlight. The work was quite enchanting with lots of dark colours and layers giving the work depth. She then used brighter colours to add contrast and guide your eye around the work. She often has a theme of windows, looking into snippets of a room, someone’s life, into them.

Make sure you keep Wednesday 5 April from 5:30 pm free for our next event: Introduction to Art and its place in Interior Design. To find out more click here.

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