Art and its Place in Interior Design

  • 26 February 2016
  • Sarah Holden

Michelle Clotworthy from Jameson Interiors and Sarah Holden from The Little Gallery gave a lovely talk last week about art and it’s place in interior design. We started out with the question – what comes first, the art or the interior design? Well, it’s a bit of both – there is no point buying a piece of art that is too big if you don’t have anywhere to put it, but you should buy pieces you love (you’ll always find a place for it).

Some of the key points, nuggets of information, snippets for you to savour and tidbits for you included:

  • Colour schemes will occur naturally as you are usually drawn to a similar colour palette anyway.
  • There is beauty in things being imperfect, even slightly mismatched.
  • Create a collection of work and cluster it.
  • You can easily refresh a space by moving art around in your home.
  • Look at displaying art in unique places such as your bathroom or in your kitchen. You need to take the medium into consideration but, for example, you can use glass or ceramics in a bathroom but you wouldn’t want to have a framed work that may mist up.
  • Art is what transforms a house into a home.

In future talks we are going to cover:

  • How to hang art – levels, clusters and signature art
  • How to display vignettes of shelf art
  • Colour balancing.

We had a lovely group join us and we had some great examples shared and insightful discussions amongst the group. We hope you can make the next one which will be Thursday 24 March – watch this space to find out what we will be discussing and what you can find out about art and it’s place in interior design.


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