$4000 Raised for Local Kiwi Care and Rescue Group

  • 27 July 2016
  • Sarah Holden

What a fantastic result for this fantastic cause!  It gives me great pleasure in knowing that The Little Gallery, with the support of our local artists, were able to raise $4000 for the local kiwi care and rescue group.

The build up over the two weeks of the school holidays was fantastic and bought the group into the spotlight, many of our clients were unaware of the work and the cost involved in protecting our national bird.  On the closing night we had great support at the event and the wine flowed and the laughter echoed in the Tairua Annex.  With over 70 works to distribute it was a lot of fun to hand out the works to the winning bidders and there was tension as some people were ‘pipped at the post’ for works but it was all in good fun and nearly everyone walked away with a stunning piece of art.  At the end of the evening it was acknowledged that everyone was a winner, we were able to support a great cause, artists were able to sell some work, and we were able to raise a substantial amount of money for a cause that is often under the radar.

Arthur Hinds thanked us with the following note:

"What a wonderful result, a unique result from a unique lady! We were very touched by your initial approach and this was added to on Friday night. Our entire team were very impressed and extremely grateful for your efforts.  I don't think any of us were aware of what was involved and we thoroughly enjoyed the night, so a heartfelt thanks from all of us (and our native species who will benefit from this)."

And in response we would like to thank the group for all their work in protecting the native species in our region.  It is one of those unique things that make the Coromandel so special and gives people another reason to visit this beautiful region.  If you do visit, make sure you pop in and see us at 228 Main Rd, Tairua and if you would like more information about the Kiwis for kiwi group please visit www.kiwisforkiwi.org.


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