Kate Jones Madill

Foreshore Movement I

Kate Jones Madill is an established artist with a long history of collective and solo exhibitions, both throughout New Zealand and internationally. Formerly from Tauranga, Kate is now based in Whangamata, Coromandel. 

Working predominantly in abstract expressionist painting, Kate translates her affinity to her surroundings through colour, collage and texture, creating densely layered, rich mixed media works that evoke a deeply personal connection to place. 

"Everything I see and hear, I paint. I paint how I feel about it. [It can be] joyful and soul destroying at the same time."

Kate often executes works in series, exploring the limits and possibilities of her subject until it is exhausted. This process reveals subtle shifts in her approach to understanding her subject, as the physical act of painting continues to inform and direct her expression.

As well as painting, Kate has run artist workshops, and is involved with the Whangamata-based Arts Collective.