Dhyana Muir

Gone Fishing

Dhyana Muir has had a diverse career in the arts, with experience in photography, fashion, styling and design. Having lived in Auckland for most of her life, she now calls Tairua home. She loves to be surrounded by the talented Coromandel artists and her own work appears in print throughout New Zealand, in private collections and in The Little Gallery.

Dhyana's vast experience in creativity, styling and sales gives her the skills to match clients with wonderful art to adorn their homes.

When she is not in the gallery, she is either teaching yoga to the local community or doing photographic work for families and businesses. Dhyana's original style of portrait commissioned photography has a Pacific flair, and she enjoys capturing the essence of someone and creating a legacy piece for her clients.

In recent years Dhyana has turned her hand to abstract mixed media painting, which has quickly become her passion. Her work comes through unedited and heartfelt, translating as one-off unique paintings with modern interiors in mind.