Darinka Forjan

Brass Beacon

Darinka is a New Zealand artist, she lives in Auckland.

She discovered her ability to draw in her fifties but due to the full time job and life circumstances she struggled to dedicate enough time to drawing.

However, her interest in art was never pushed aside.

Her BSc(Econ) degree was not helpful in that regard, so she decided to enrol for a certificate in History of Art at Scott’s Correspondence College and completed it with distinction.

She continued to draw, exploring possibilities of drawing on canvas. She joined local artists and exhibited her works in local exhibitions. At that time she also had an exhibition in Pukekohe, together with her mother that was painting on velvet.

However, her main interest was in abstract art that opens the door to express the inner world spontaneously rather than copying the world outside meticulously and ‘technically’.

She has tried to paint in classic oils and acrylic but there was always something missing. In 2015, she came across metallic paint and since that time painting with metallic paints has been her main interest.

She has developed her own style through trial and error, spending a lot of time experimenting, learning about specific metallic paint characteristics and effects and looking forward to trying something new and different.

It must be mentioned here that a lot of this would have never happened without unselfish, friendly and, more important, the persistent support of Auckland painter, Vjekoslav Nemesh.