Alicia Beech

The Hills (Diptych)

Alicia's home is in the seaside city of Tauranga in the beautiful Bay Of Plenty. Everywhere you go there are harbour inlets and Pohutakawa trees. Inspiration is all around her.

Alicia loves colour. Vibrant, clashing, effervescent colour. As an emerging artist, she is on a journey of artistic discovery. Using predominately acrylic on canvas she brings together bright and bold colours, pastels and neon’s through abstract exploration. Shapes, textures and compositions are created intuitively through spontaneous brushstrokes and layers. Alicia endeavours to create art that is light and non-serious with whimsical and playful imagery that creates both energy and contemplation.

She is a day dreamer. She loves to let her mind wonder away and think of weird and wonderful things to potentially put on canvas. She is particularly inspired by nature in all its forms. Just before going to sleep is her favourite time to conjure up ideas. As Vincent Van Gogh once said “I dream of painting, and then I paint my dream”.