Pauanui Hills

Paula McNeill

Colour, expressionism & cubism.

Head in the Clouds

Lisa Ormsby

Nature as an inspiration.

Finding My Way

Verena Tagmann

Exploring new directions & mediums.

First Day

Wendy Walls

Rich colour and texture.


Sharen Watson

Sharen works in stages, choosing colours that reflect her mood on the day.

Along the Coast

Kay De Blaauw

Impressionism using texture & colour.

A Morning in July

Liz Hart

A watercolourist and a print maker who also dabbles in oils and acrylics.

Above the World

Julie Whyman

Colour & form found in nature.


Lyndy Wilson

Quirky characters and impressionism.

After the Party

Dhyana Muir

Pacific flair.


Gary Nevin

Classical, funky work in clay & paint.


Claire du Bosky

Landscape, rural themes, figurative compositions & portraiture


Mark Collinson

Sculptor of Oamaru stone & a painter.

In the Orchard

Susan Dunster

Weaves vibrant colours & shapes.

Pohutukawa Portrait

Kate Hill

Discovery and re-connection.

Hydrangeas and A Bowl of Cherries

Joanne Mahoney

Watercolours for shoreline subjects.

Retro Morning

Sally Samins

Influenced by Australia.

Bush Weave and Tui

Paul Herbert

Native wildlife, environment, Maori whakapapa & surfing.

Beach Print with Boat

Helena Blair

Vibrancy of oil and gouache.

Blue Hydrangea

Airdrie Hamilton

Airdrie captures the light and essence of a wide range of subjects.

In Bloom

Tina Carey

Tina's working background was advertising and textiles.

Boat Bowl - Medium

Vanessa Mckay

Hand built earthenware sculpture and thrown domestic ware.

Good Vibrations

Vjekoslav Nemesh

Reflection of his spiritual being.

Concrete Mini Orbs

Gary Brooks

Experimenting with concrete.

Joie de Vivre

Jane Galloway

Inspired by the beautiful, natural surroundings of Raglan.


Judy Elliot

Inspired by rawness and wildness of the natural environment.

Eternity - Kumara Whalebone Pendant

Ian Thorne

Ian works in a broad range of materials including bone, shell and horn.

Silver Ribbed Lucky Fish Silhouette Earrings

Meg Auth

Wearable art jewellery and small metal objects.

Sterling Silver Jade Drop Earrings (Teardrop)

Raymond Stokes

A lifelong interest in making jewellery.

Peacock Track

Kirsty Black

Communicating visual thought.

Gold and Amber Bracelet

Nga Waiata

Jewellery made from sustainably mined crystals and recycled NZ native wood.

Silver Punch Earrings

Ella Vi Pairman

Jewellery handcrafted from recycled materials.

Turning Over a New Leaf

Jo Pervan

Smooth simple lines.

Global Warning

Colleen Waite

Design and colour

Blue Reformed Tray

Neil Hey

Architect and ceramic artist


Julian Godfery

Detail and texture.


Sue Preston

Etching and dry point engraving.

The Last Ferry

Jennie de Groot

Plein air enthusiast.

Small Cone Vase

Ludek Adamek

Iron, steel, glass & colourful metals.

Nude Form

Ian Webster

Hand built work using slab and coil.

Wild Ones

Kirsty Nixon

Viewing native plant life.

Shaking The Tree

Wolf Zeitgeist

Mixed media, painting, sculpture.

Spring Hearts

Robyn Kunin

Sculpts her ceramic art works by hand.

The Steep Corner

Rachel Olsen

Vibrant works in a rich & distinctive style.

Otama Coastline

Michael Smither

Iconic representations of his life and environment.

Torso Couple

Heather Chesterman

Heather is an artist and sculptor.

Colours Of Courage - UNAVAILABLE

Alicia Beech

Alicia loves colour. Vibrant, clashing, effervescent colour.

Porcelain Huts

Carolyn Milbank

Space, time & a person’s sense of place.

Heart Koru White Merino Horn

Roland Baumgart

Roland has developed his bone carving skills to a high level.