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Pick of the Week: 'Still Life, Baking I + II' by Joanne Mahoney - with Recipe!

This week our pick is Joanne Mahoney's works, 'Still Life, Baking I' and 'Still Life, Baking II.' New for our 35km Road Trip exhibition, these gorgeous wee paintings show off Joanne's innovative approach to still life. 

'Still Life, Baking I'

Quite an unconventional take on the usual still life genre, Joanne presents an array of suspended kitchen utensils spread across the painting surface. While some of Joanne's older works have adhered more to the observational style of traditional still life, in her new works we can see her breaking away from this format and taking a more playful, experimental approach. 

Taking stylistic cues from graphic design, the objects are flattened to a mostly two-dimensional perspective, and scattered independently over the composition. We love how these remind us of a busy day baking in the kitchen, ingredients and and utensils in a messy (but productive!) spread across the bench top.

'Still Life, Baking II'

The pale, muted backgrounds lets the objects really stand out in space, and the limited colour selection enables the works to fit easily into most colour schemes. Joanne's choice of framing - a modern, minimal natural timber frame for both pieces nicely complements the blue tones in the paintings, and echo the wooden handles of the utensils.

As a bonus we're sharing Joanne's recipe for cheese straws which were a hit at our opening for '35km Road Trip'! Light and crispy, these are the perfect accompaniment to a glass of wine.


We think 'Still Life, Baking I' and 'Still Life, Baking II' present great side-by-side as a pair, and would be perfectly set in any busy household kitchen! 

Interested in enquiring about Joanne Mahoney's work? Contact us here! 


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