Pick of the Week: Queen Street on a Busy Day by Paula McNeill

Fresh back from a painting excursion to Australia, artist Paula McNeill has bought back a plethora of exciting new work, most of which hasn't arrived in the gallery yet, including this bright fun work 'Queen Street on a Busy Day'. 

Imagine walking up Queen Street yourself, looking into the shop windows and checking out the large billboards.  It can be a sensory overload with so much to see, but it all mergers together and evokes a memory of a bustling street.  You can see how one image moves into another, one moment the person is defined, the next it is overtaken by the lights changing. This allows the viewer's eyes to travel through the painting and take in everything it has to offer by walking with the people in this large work of art.  The colour palette is soft and welcoming, inviting you to take everything in.  Paula has a invited you to participate in the experience of Auckland's main street but allowing you to experience the journey in your own way.  Paula has once again worked her magic to allow everyone can see different things in the work, reflecting on how everyone absorbs different things when they enjoy Queen Street - and it's always bustling!

With so much to do on this busy street you can see that the people are carrying shopping bags, walking their small dogs, wearing heels, going from one business meeting to another.   This painting creates a dramatic impression and ideally is viewed from a distance to help the eye define all the elements, layers and moments captured within the work.

Interested in find viewing more of Paula's work then click here.  If this piece calls to you then contact us to get more details.