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Empowering Children through Art

In times when our young humans are struggling with life that is becoming all consuming and sometimes overwhelming it is refreshing to see our artists conveying important messages through their art.

Hayley Hamilton is a master of this and has inspired me to write this blog.  It is the school holidays and so timely to be thinking about ways to help and encourage the younger generation (and ourselves).  Sometimes a simple message will resonate.  It is a proven fact that when we look at art it makes us feel good and this increases our Dopamine levels (the feel good hormone).  It also reduces our Cortisol which is the stress hormone! 

I love showing children our galleries and asking them to have a look at all the art and then tell me what their favourite piece is. 

Our brain thinks in pictures so while you are reading this a picture will be forming in your brain.  This is why visualisation is so widely used as a tool by athletes to trick their mind into thinking they have already achieved what they are setting out to do.  If you can master this, all sorts of cool things start happening!

Back to why Hayley Hamilton has inspired this blog ... Hayley's work has underlying poignant messages that are depicted in the most quirky, colourful and fun images.  So if you are at a loose end these holidays, call into our galleries with your children and soak up all the amazing work we have by our local and New Zealand artists.  It may even inspire your children to paint and draw - this is a great activity for the winter school holidays!

Here are just a few of the messages in Hayley's work (all these messages are limited edition prints and can be found by clicking here)

You Never Know - Outward appearance is never an indicator of someone's quality of character or their values and creativity.  Remember the old saying "Never judge a book by its cover".  

Act Normal - A lot of courage is needed to stand out from the crowd sometimes and to trust your own instincts.  When you choose normal you are giving up on the essence of who you are.  This painting is a reminder to be authentic to yourself, even though it can be uncomfortable from time to time.

Pause - Living non stop is exhausting, by pausing we give ourselves a chance to recollect, restore, review and be conscious of where we are, almost like looking at yourself from the outside.  Make time to pause.

Embrace the Journey - A story about facing your fears, trusting in life's processes and embracing the journey (pictured in this article).

There are so many more so click on the link above and check them out for yourself and come into our galleries during the holidays for your dose of dopamine ... we would love to see you...

From the Team at The Little Galleries in Whangamata and Tairua.

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